Additional Equipment

  • Material container with lid, mixing device and packaging cleaner in INOX (stainless steel) – GLOBALGAP
  • Various Computers or VISIO (digital electric-switch-box + pressure and container capacity indicator)
  • Establishment electric drift-reducing nozzles
  • Electronic tank filling
  • GPS velocimeter
  • System flushing – electrically connected
  • Electric cover plates for the cross flow
  • Fan case with oil hydraulic hang approximation
  • Chassis with individual wheel suspension with or without oil hydraulic brakes (ALKO)

Quality – Additional equipment

  • Electric-switch-box with manometer
  • Electric-switch-box with digital display
  • Control Monitor
  • Spraying Control Computer

Due to the safety regulations it’s prohibited to led pressure-carrying hoses into the tractors cabin. Thus, distributors with manual switching are no longer up-to-date.

After developing the electric-switch-box with manometer, we also offer the electric-switch-box with digital display, followed by a control monitor and a spraying control computer. In connection with various electric-switch-box models, WAIBL has also succeeded to develop an automatic pressure filter cleaning which enables easy spraying even with the new drift-reducing nozzles.

Polyethylene container

  • Smooth inner surface (to avoid deposit)
  • Residual amount according to EU directives
  • EU standardized
  • Recyclable

The polyethylene containers from WAIBL SPRAYERS are in accordance with the EU standards. They are equipped with a separate pure water tank and a separate hand washing tank, which are each integrated in the main tank. Drift-reducing nozzles are extremely sensitive even to the smallest dirt. An important prerequisite and help to prevent blockages and deposits of pesticide residues is the smooth inner surface of the tank.