Type Q/ST

800 – 1000 l   Q/ST

This crossflow is the optimal application technique




  • Polyethylene container 800 – 1000 l with smooth inner surface
  • INOX crossflow / oblique-flow fan case with adjustable air deflector plates
  • Fan case with air output (power) approx. 45.000 cfm/h
  • Individual nozzle control and feed
  • Nozzle bodies with 2 or 3 output (application) options and anti-drip membranes
  • Two-speed transmission
  • Transmission remote control
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Piston diaphragm (membrane) pump 106 l – 120 l plastic coated
  • Hydraulic stirrer
  • Line filter (pressure filter) with central cleaning (automatic backwash when with electric-switch-box)
  • Suction filter
  • Distributor with pressure fine-tuning on the tractor
  • Lighting system
  • Chassis hot-dip galvanized

Additional equipment:


  • Coupling device
  • Material container with mixing device, packaging cleaning, powder and liquid suction
  • Material container GLOBALGAP – system with lockable lid, mixing device, packaging cleaning, powder and liquid suction
  • To select: Electric-switch-box with manometer, electric-switch-box with digital display and velocimeter, control monitor or spraying control computer
  • Establishment drift-reducing nozzles
  • Part-width section control
  • Electronic tank filling
  • Flowmeter output
  • System flushing – electrically connected
  • Oil hydraulic brake system
  • Rotating nozzle (barrel cleaner)
  • INOX powder mixer with cleaning nozzles
  • Device for watering saplings (young trees)